yoho is a feeling

Remember that feeling of complete leisure; of relishing the breeze blowing through your hair; of watching the rain fall down with a cup of chai; of the waves crashing on your feet; a feeling when your favourite song dulls down the hustle of your daily life. A feeling when you wear yoho.

We, at yoho, are with you to give these joys of life another chance. A lot less thinking and a lot more living. A lot less about how the world wants you to be, and a lot more of how you want to be.

Experience life with us.

yoho, your happy place.

serendipity at play

It was out of sheer coincidence that Prateek met Ahmad at a shoe store in Kanpur, when he noticed Ahmad talking with a zeal to his customers. As they got talking, Prateek discovered that Ahmad had taken a step back from his stellar corporate career at PayTM to focus on what he enjoyed the most; “the precious smile of someone who gets into the right shoe”.

Prateek, an engineer from IIT with a passion for biomechanics and technology, was intrigued by Ahmad’s insights into how feet, even after being one of the most important contributors to our mobility, are still a very ignored body part. We usually end up buying shoes purely for the looks. He himself was quite unhappy with the bulky, and expensive shoes that he had been buying. At the end of day, the best feeling was when he was getting out of those shoes, and not getting into them.

The gap of affordable and high quality footwear started becoming more and more evident to both of them. And the idea of making comfortable footwear a norm rather than an aberration, made them take a plunge to start yoho.

That chance encounter has eventually led them to build prototypes that are tested using cutting edge scientific procedures at some leading universities. Today they both work towards that precious smile of getting their customers into the right shoe.