Waves Men

Waves Men

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features your feet will love

your feet will love

arch support

Features of a sports shoe, packed in a slipper. We’ve designed them to guarantee you a great posture and a great gait, so that you can stand and walk for long hours and be absolutely pain and worry free.

Waves Men


With all the burden you carry on your feet the whole day, we make sure that your shoes are not an addition. Our footwear is so lightweight that wearing a yoho feels like wearing nothing at all.

Waves Men

soft toe separator

The versatile unsung hero - our toe splitter is engineered out of hypoallergenic yet durable polyester material and is the reason why we can claim no rashes. Leaving it unfolded allows it to narrow - it will work for you.

Waves Men

padded straps

We understand the discomfort of narrow and thin slipper straps cutting into your skin. This is why we’ve taken extra care to give you broad and padded ones for your feet to want to keep wearing them all day long.

Waves Men

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